Admin- Integration


  1. If you have a LeagueMinder and FormReleaf account you are available to use the inegreation system.
  2. The integration process pulls registration information from FormReleaf and transfers those registrants into the correct sports rosters for LeagueMinder
  3. In order to use this, log onto LeagueMinder.
  4. On the homepage click on the sport you want to pull registrants from.

5. Clicking on that sport will bring you to its own homepage, from there click on “Roster” at the top of the screen.

6. This will bring you to the roster homepage.

7. Click on the “Connect to FormReleaf” button towards the top of the page.

8. This will launch a new window where you will have to enter in your FormReleaf credentials.

9. After you enter your credentials. click continue and it will automatically pull registrants from that team in FormReleaf and place them in the correct LeagueMinder roster.